Say Hello to Our New Director of Services, Abrael Delgado!

Since joining the Compuquip team in 2015, Abrael has fostered an environment within our services team that has resonated exceptionally well internally and externally to our clients. His ability to scale our team’s size, capabilities, and resources is unparalleled. This year, Abrael has been able to grow and develop the MSSP team at Compuquip and has been a huge help in our ability to navigate through the ongoing pandemic. As we’ve mentioned before, Abrael is no newcomer to accepting challenges. His long list of accolades, both personally and professionally, has proven repeatedly that he can bring immediate value to any role he steps into.

2020 has been able to highlight Abrael’s strengths as a leader and head of our MSSP team. With significant anticipation, it’s our pleasure to announce that Abrael Delgado is now Compuquip’s Director of Services!

MSSP, Large Projects, On-Site Teams, Internal Security & What’s to Come

As the new Director of Services, Abrael will continue to drive growth in his well recognized MSSP team and vital in discovering new opportunities and expansions for our On-site, Projects & new Offensive-Security offering.

The ability to innovate new proven methods of cybersecurity practices is one of many skills we admire about Abrael. Time and time again, we hear from our customers on Abrael’s ability to save their organization thousands of dollars or how they have benefited from Abrael’s nearly 20 years of expertise to learn from and sprout out within their organizations. Not only will Abrael help find ways to assist our customer base, but he will also run point on our internal security as we continue as an organization and fully remote

One of his primary goals as the new Director of Services will be to hone our expertise and tenure in Cybersecurity to develop a unique experience for our customers, unlike any other. Under his leadership, he has streamlined our MSSP team to provide tailored solutions for every one of our customers. We’re eager to have Abrael bring this same approach across our fleet of services.

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We’re excited about the news and hope you’re able to share the news with your teams and celebrate with Abrael soon. Connect with him today and subscribe to our blog to learn more about what’s to come at Compuquip.

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