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Network Penetration Testing Services

Stop the ongoing stream of threats that put your network security at risk with our professionally executed penetration testing services.

Certified Security Expert
Penetration Testing

At Compuquip, our network penetration testing services delve deep into your cybersecurity measures, far surpassing the basic search for evident vulnerabilities. Our seasoned offensive security experts meticulously uncover and leverage security gaps to assess risk and evaluate your defenses with precision and speed.

Lead by cyber security experts certified in GPEN and OWASP, Our ultimate objective is to preemptively pinpoint potential risks within your organization and deliver a detailed report of actionable insights for enhancing your security posture. With a wealth of experience in conducting penetration tests for a diverse range of organizations across various sectors, our team is well-equipped to fortify your environment against potential threats.


Why A Conduct Network Penetration Test?

A penetration test acts as a controlled cyber assault on your computer systems, aimed at uncovering any weaknesses that could be exploited. By taking the initiative to pinpoint and address these vulnerabilities early, you're effectively shielding your business from potential threats. This proactive approach not only conserves valuable resources but also spares your company from future disruptions and financial losses.


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The Compuquip Approach to Penetration Testing

Our unique approach has been fostered internally and molded by penetration test specialists and vulnerability management experts to ensure success within each performed penetration test. Our penetration testing process starts with these first few steps:

Scoping & Planning

  • First, we’ll work hand in hand with you to ensure your goals are met on your deadlines, any special requests are supported, and your expectations are not only met—but exceeded—throughout the entire process.
  • Then, we’ll bring together all the necessary technologies for a seamless penetration test.

Passive and Active Reconnaissance

  • Our experts will partner with your internal teams to attempt a two-tailed approach to gain access and information on the network.
  • Our first approach is tailored to avoid detection and, subsequently, a more physical approach while trying to find open ports.


  • As we advance, our team will maneuver throughout your network infrastructure, searching for vulnerabilities and or security flaws within to exploit them.
  • With any gained privileges, we will then attempt to discover more profound weaknesses and/or vulnerabilities.

Amplify Adversary Actions Based on Exploitation Success

  • Next, we’ll expand on any successful exploitation of anything to accomplish my adversary objectives.
  • It’s not just exploiting a vulnerability and annotating that—it goes father to highlight what true risk exists with a given finding.

Operational Analysis of Findings

  • During this stage, our team dissects each pocket of vulnerabilities found within your network.
  • Then, we can gain a deeper understanding of how these vulnerabilities can be exploited.


  • Once we wrap the penetration test on your network, we then compile all our findings.
  • This report will break down vulnerabilities found, delicate data that can be accessible, a clear understanding of how our pentester was able to gain access onto the network, and how long it went without being undetected.

Delivery and Recommendations

  • Our final step for this project is to help you understand your vulnerabilities and then tailor a solution fit for your organization.
  • Finally, we can then deploy your custom solution to improve your overall business security and efficiency!
Network Penetration Testing Stages0102030405Analysis and WAF ConfigurationResults are used to configure WAF settings before testing is run again.Maintaining AccessAPIs are imitated to see if a vul-nerability can be used to maintain access.Gaining AccessWeb application attacks are staged to uncover a targets vulnerabilities.ScanningScanning tools are used to un-derstand how a target responds to intrusions.Planning and ReconnainssanceTest goals are defined and intelligence is gathered.

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With managed SOC, you get access to our team of certified cybersecurity engineers and solution architects. We are an extension of your team, handling the day-to-day threat monitoring and remediation so your team can focus on their daily operations — without the security headaches. 


Fortify your enterprise with our expert penetration testing services

Strengthen your defenses with our expert penetration testing services. Protect your business from sophisticated cyber threats that could lead to significant financial losses. Our penetration testing solutions provide you with a dedicated team of cybersecurity specialists who proactively identify and address vulnerabilities.

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