About Compuquip


Since 1980, Compuquip has operated as a family-owned advanced technology solutions partner for businesses throughout Florida and beyond. From our headquarters in Coral Gables, we have grown into a trusted provider of cybersecurity products and services that help our enterprise partners address their network infrastructure and security architecture needs.

Our History

From our founding in 1980 to the present, here are some of the biggest highlights in Compuquip’s history as a cybersecurity solutions provider:


The company is founded by Alberto and Lourdes Dosal with a focus on providing banking equipment leasing.


Compuquip expands its leasing practice to include maintenance services, helping clients get more from their leased equipment.


A new range of open systems offerings are added to Compuquip’s products and services, allowing customers to deploy IT networks with Compuquip’s services.


Compuquip adds a dedicated team of IT security experts to launch a new enterprise security practice.


This year sees the launch of our Infrastructure Managed Services (MSP) practice.


Compuquip divests its MSP practice to focus on its core cybersecurity and enterprise network infrastructure offerings.


Compuquip expands its cybersecurity strategy, enhancing our ability to protect our enterprise partners with a combination of network security, vulnerability assessments, and many more IT security solutions.


Our Culture

Compuquip is a family-owned and customer-funded business that obsesses over the success of our customers. Everyone here knows that building a company is a team sport. So, even while we have separate teams, we all support each other as part of the Compuquip family.

And, while we're always thinking big with aggressive goals to help our customers, we know to start small and to never lose sight of the need for constant iteration and improvement in everything we do.

Our Mission

Compuquip's mission is to educate and equip businesses of any size and industry to efficiently manage cybersecurity risks. 

We work hard to keep things simple for all of our customers, which often means taking extra time and effort to refine and improve our workflows, strategies, and solutions.

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Our Values


We are more concerned with doing what is right than being right. We recognize that there is always much to learn and improve in both ourselves and as a company.


We value hard work and the gritty pursuit of growing our company. That hard work is led by our passion to serve our customers, the company, and improve our individual crafts.


We are ethical, helpful, and honest people who are always trying to do the right thing by our customers, our teammates, and our community. We are also good at what we do as individuals and as a team.

Meet Our Executive Team

Eric Dosal

President & CEO

Michel Ramirez

Director of Services & CISO

Ricardo Panez

Director of Sales

Ivan Rezvoy

Director of Finance

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Are you interested in joining the world of cybersecurity? We’re constantly growing and are always looking for new team members who are smart, passionate, and ready to build their career. Working at Compuquip Cybersecurity gives you the opportunity to embed yourself in cybersecurity, advance your career, and have fun while you work. If you think you have what it takes to be cybersecurity expert, then check out our available job positions.

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