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Assembling an internal incident management team or SOC at your company can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you’re not sure which cybersecurity solutions you need to prioritize and implement.

However, partnering with high-quality managed security services providers (MSSPs) like Compuquip means that you get a comprehensive team and strategy customized to protect your enterprise.

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In the complex landscape of cybersecurity, organizations often struggle to integrate a plethora of security tools effectively. Our Managed Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) services are designed to address this challenge, streamlining security processes across various domains such as User Management/Provisioning, Containment, Reporting, and Analysis of Files/URLs.

We’ve crafted workflows that enhance operational efficiency, including the removal of phishing messages from inboxes, managing user account statuses, and conducting secure file analyses in sandbox environments. These workflows not only automate critical security tasks but also ensure detailed reporting, including incident tickets and access to live file executions. Through our Managed SOAR services, organizations achieve a higher level of efficiency and productivity, making their security operations more effective and cohesive.



Our reactive services primarily focus on alerting sources such as SIEM (Security Incident, Event Management) systems and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response). These systems often require tuning, and extra research into the alerts to get a clear picture of the possible threat they are identifying.


SIEM Services



Our SIEM services are designed to be Co-Managed which allows your team to work with our team to react to alerts. We handle the heavy lifting of prioritizing, enriching, triaging and alerting to true security threats. When a threat is found, we will proactively contact you via phone, spin up a bridge, engage your security team and help you contain the situation. We also assist with event source ingestion, dashboards, reporting, and metrics.


EDR Services

icon-shield-refresh_blueMuch like our SIEM service, many EDR systems will generate many alerts from various programs. We dig into these alerts and separate the signal from the noise, working with your team to hand craft very specific exceptions when needed to ensure allowed programs and processes are allowed to operate without causing a security risk. We also provide assistance with policy creation, metrics, and health checks, and reporting.


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Our Proactive Security Services include a range of activities and techniques to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and improve the security posture of our customers.

Key Components


Penetration Testing

Simulates attacks to expose vulnerabilities in systems, networks, or applications, highlighting security weaknesses.


Vulnerability Assessment

Scans and evaluates infrastructure to identify security flaws that attackers could exploit.


Red Team Exercises

Mimics real attacker tactics to breach defenses, identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses.


Vulnerability Management

Provides detailed reports of vulnerabilities, risks, and remediation strategies to strengthen security.


Threat Hunting

Using historical data we identify insecure practices and patterns based on activity seen in the logs such as incorrect settings to allow attackers to intercept traffic for kerberoasting attacks.

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With managed SOC, you get access to our team of certified cybersecurity engineers and solution architects. We are an extension of your team, handling the day-to-day threat monitoring and remediation so your team can focus on their daily operations — without the security headaches. 


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Stay vigilant against the increasing number of complex cyber attacks that could cost your business millions of dollars. With our managed SOC offerings, you get instant access to an established team of cybersecurity experts who are ready to remediate all threats. 

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