Meet Ricardo Panez, Compuquip’s New Director of Sales!

Compuquip Cybersecurity is proud to announce that Ricardo Panez is joining the team as our Director of Sales! As the Director of Sales, Ricardo will be assuming responsibility for all of our sales team’s efforts, guiding our sales strategy, and working to keep our customers delighted.

I’ve known Ricardo for years as we worked together for 10+ years when he worked for one of our biggest vendors. All throughout this time, he has always been a great help, and his professionalism, personality, and skills have impressed the team numerous times over the years. Everybody on the team is extremely excited to have Ricardo finally joining us! So, we’d like to take some time to introduce him so you can get to know him as well as we do.

A Bit About Ricardo

Ricardo grew up in Miami, Florida and even attended the University of Miami. He moved on to work as an IT specialist and systems architect for a technology firm. From there, he was recruited by a prominent security technology company, Check Point Software, that was one of Compuquip’s strategic vendors, starting as a security engineer and working his way up the ranks to become their Director of Sales for Latin America where he grew revenues in the region by roughly 68% in total while managing a team of 70 people.

Ricardo is a passionate and creative person with a relentless drive to help customers solve their cybersecurity challenges. He brings a unique mix of technical and sales experience thanks to the time he spent rising through the ranks as a security engineer and his transition into sales. Because of his background in tech, he has expert insight into the solutions he promotes, which helps him advise customers so they get the best solutions to fit their needs.

When he’s not working to help customers find the right cybersecurity solutions, he likes to go fishing and diving for fun. Another of his passions is cooking—especially BBQ.

Ricardo and Compuquip

For over a decade while he was working for one of our vendors, Ricardo collaborated with our team. During this period of working closely with Compuquip, he got to know the team well, which has helped him to smoothly transition into the Compuquip family. This close contact is also part of the reason why he decided to join Compuquip.

When asked why he wanted to join Compuquip, Ricardo said, “I was looking for an opportunity to join a team that is looking to grow and adapt in the fast-paced Cybersecurity space.” While he worked with Compuquip, he came to see us as an up-and-coming company that would give him a chance to make an impact and help it to grow.

Additionally, Ricardo sees Compuquip as a company with “a very progressive culture that allows flexibility in getting your job done, yet making sure that everyone knows what exciting things you are working on.” He’s looking forward to taking his 19 years of experience in cybersecurity and using that knowledge to help our customers fulfill their security needs.

Everyone here is looking forward to working with Ricardo, and to many years of helping customers find the right solutions for their cybersecurity needs.

Want to learn more about Ricardo and Compuquip? Please contact us today to get to know our team—or get help with your cybersecurity needs!