CRO Ricardo Panez to Become Compuquip President & COO

With over two years in the books now, Ricardo Panez has been instrumental to our expansions across Compuquip teams. From tackling some of our most challenging business obstacles to developing ways to assist our community during the ongoing pandemic, he has played a pivotal role in the company’s success since his arrival.

Ricardo joined Compuquip in 2018 with over 15 years of expertise working with one of our largest partners and leading his Latin America region to new heights. This year, Ricardo took on the CRO's role, and under this new title, he went on to develop and direct our new in-house marketing team, bolster new growth methods for our sales team while driving our organization's revenue, strengthen the relationships we have with our existing clients, and establish & provide new services within our MSSP team.

Cybersecurity is ever-evolving, with new challenges surfacing every day Ricardo has adapted to meet these challenges without delay time and time again. It brings us great pleasure to announce that Ricardo will become our new President and Chief Operating Officer!

How Will This Impact Compuquip and Its Clients?

Ricardo stepping up to become our President and COO comes as no surprise to us internally. This year, Mr. Panez has done what most CRO's have struggled with: successfully navigated his team through the ongoing pandemic while bringing value to our community thr ough helpful content and building a reliable resource for cybersecurity professionals. At the same time, he has helped our services team to roll out new initiatives and offerings such as our new cloud security management solution while also taking steps to enhance our internal security measures and procedures. 

As the new President and COO, Ricardo will not only continue his leadership for our Sales and Marketing efforts, but will also support our services team as we continue to help our customers with innovative security offerings. Ricardo's tenure in cybersecurity has allowed him to gain the "know-how" to solve cybersecurity concerns for organizations of all sizes. We are excited to see how his expertise and ability to tailor solutions will continue to resonate with our clients as the new President and COO.

At Compuquip, we’re firm believers in our staff and have a passion for growing from within. We’ve been known to “Make Security Simple” in our community for some time, and that was one of Ricardo’s first goals when joining Compuquip. He knew that organizations were running into continuous challenges with their cybersecurity infrastructure and has made it a priority for our team to help customers alleviate the burden of having to deal with the daily maintenance that comes with securing their networks.

Ricardo is Still Your Point of Contact

Our ability to communicate quickly and effectively with our clients is one reason why they trust Compuquip. Given this new role, you’d expect to hear less from Ricardo. WRONG! Ricardo will remain your point of contact for any cybersecurity matter or concerns, even if you just want to catch up on old times. 

We’re excited about the news and hope you get a chance to congratulate our new President and C.O.O!

Questions about future career opportunities within our team or to chat with Ricardo? Contact us today!