Get in On the Ground Floor as a Compuquip Sales Associate!

So, you want to join a company that feels like a family and rewards top-class effort, but don’t have a ton of experience to nab a high-level position? Well, Compuquip Cybersecurity might just have the perfect job position to help you get your foot in the door—that of a cybersecurity services sales associate!

Compuquip is a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on providing flexible and effective cybersecurity services to businesses of all sizes. Every member of the team is like part of an extended family—not just cogs in a machine. We offer competitive salaries, full healthcare coverage, training/learning opportunities, and career path development programs to help you advance towards new opportunities. Plus, we like to get together outside of work to do fun group activities like play golf.

Okay, What Would I Do as a Sales Associate?

Our sales associate position is an entry-level position that is geared for people who want to get into the cybersecurity industry, but don’t have a huge amount of formal training or experience. As such, your mission, should you choose to accept it as a Compuquip sales associate, would be to provide sales support for a designated geography that you would be responsible for.

What does this “sales support” entail? This function involves two primary activities:

  1. Conducting outbound calling campaigns to prospective customers; and
  2. Managing or assisting in providing quotes for products, subscriptions, and support service renewals for customers.

Does this mean you’ll be in a call center all day? No, it does not. While a lot of your time will be focused on talking to people on the phone about how Compuquip can help their businesses manage cybersecurity risks, you’ll also be challenged to learn about the different cybersecurity tools and threats out there so you can provide sound advice and support to your customers.

What is Compuquip Looking for?

Since this is an entry-level position, we’re not requiring applicants to have a bunch of experience in the industry right off the bat. That being said, some experience in sales (about one to four years) will be considered a plus—whether that experience comes from inside or outside sales.

Additionally, applicants with a bachelor’s degree in arts or science are preferred. Which B.A. or B.S. degrees are we looking for? Previous education in cybersecurity or IT is definitely a plus, as it helps you understand our industry.

We’re looking for people who have strong communication skills—ones who are able to influence the opinions of others using empathy while building strong relationships. Naturally, since cold-calling is a major part of the job, we need people who are willing to cold call and prospect a list of contacts.

The attitude you bring may be a major factor that separates you from the rest of the applicant list. We’re looking for people who could be best described as “positive, upbeat, but most of all aggressive self-starters with great attitudes and strong organizational skills.”

If you have a passion for technology and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, then becoming a sales associate at Compuquip Cybersecurity may just be the perfect thing to jumpstart to your career!

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