5 Benefits of Security Automation (+ How to Get Started)

How much of your internal IT team’s day is spent clicking the same buttons on the same tasks over and over again, with no end in sight? Such routine, monotonous tasks can be better handled by automation, which can save your enterprise time, money, and the headache involved with manually managing repetitive tasks. Keep reading to learn how security automation can benefit your enterprise, and how to get started!

What Is Security Automation?

As the name suggests, security automation entails utilizing technology to automatically handle tasks that don’t directly require the human touch in order to enforce security processes, verify third-party applications, secure digital infrastructure, and more. This means that programs are continuously running and managing a plethora of responsibilities per your organization’s guidelines without needing frequent interference from your internal team. Implementing security automation at your enterprise is like having a comprehensive security team for your digital assets and systems to safeguard your operations 24/7.

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Why Is Security Automation Important?

With automation, your enterprise can streamline its cybersecurity operations, which empowers your internal team to use their time focusing on more important tasks that require human capabilities and defend your infrastructure against threats that might slip through the cracks due to human error. Basically, security automation means your enterprise is always protected against a whole host of threats and attacks while the routine, monotonous tasks that need to be completed anyway are also taken care of. Thus, security automation saves your enterprise time and money and further safeguards against any reputational damage it might incur due to a preventable breach.

3 Reasons You Might Need Security Automation

If you notice that your internal cybersecurity operations are relating to any of the following points, you should consider implementing security automation processes at your enterprise to help alleviate them.

Your Internal Team Is Overwhelmed with Mundane, Repetitive Tasks

If the cybersecurity experts within your organization spend their time checking the same boxes and responding to the same requests that don’t require special knowledge, then you might want to take those repetitive tasks off their plates. How much more will large-scale, internal projects be delayed simply because your internal resources are being spent on boring, endless tasks? Creativity combined with expertise and direction is a special mix of talent that should be spent on projects that demand such a recipe.

You Want Peace of Mind Regarding Your Cybersecurity Posture

As your team is processing through dozens—if not hundreds or even thousands—of mindless tasks each week, how confident are you that they’re catching every single potential threat or perfectly following internal procedures? Have you noticed patterns of minor errors regarding cybersecurity protections that are necessary to function securely? Whenever humans are involved, there’s always a chance for mistakes to be made or for something to slip through the cracks, but it’s important to know that there’s usually a better way to prevent or avoid mistakes altogether.

Your Cybersecurity Certifications or Compliance Requirements Expire Unexpectedly

Are you worried about falling out of compliance with important industry standards, or have you experienced a lapse in certification? As cyber-attacks exponentially increase in frequency and sophistication, it’s more important than ever to maintain cybersecurity certifications and meet compliance requirements pertinent to whatever industry your organization is in. Depending on the size of your enterprise, it would be nearly impossible to manually manage each individual certification or compliance requirement.

5 Benefits of Cybersecurity Automation

Cybersecurity automation can deliver significant results to your enterprise in a variety of manners, including:

Empower Your Team to Attend to More Important Matters

Why is your valuable team of cybersecurity experts spending significant amounts of time handling monotonous requests and addressing low-level tasks? With security automation, these repetitive tasks that are tedious and important—yet suck up precious time and energy—can be handled without needing to individually check up on each one. Through the power of automation, your internal team can finally devote their attention and skill to developing awesome cybersecurity solutions that can have a grand impact on your enterprise. 

Streamline Your Overall Operations with Minimal Human Error

With cybersecurity automation that consistently and accurately operates as you want it, you won’t have to worry about human-related errors slipping through the cracks and potentially weakening your security posture. Mistakes happen, we understand! But by using security automation solutions, you’ll always know your defenses are secured according to your enterprise’s standards no matter what. 

Enjoy an Immediate Return on Investment

Did you know that 69% of IT professionals surveyed said more than a quarter of the tasks they manage would be more effective with automation? Just imagine how much more your team can readily accomplish when automated solutions are implemented to handle certain aspects of your cybersecurity defenses! Strategic automation greatly benefits your enterprise and puts more time and energy back into the lives of your internal security team.

Mitigate Threats for Better Response Times

Automated security solutions can detect threats faster and more accurately than manually detecting them. Plus, a recent study shows that nearly 74% of IT professionals reported that security events/alerts are simply ignored because their teams can’t keep up with the suffocating volume. When the low-level threats are sifted through by automatic processes, the more severe threats that require intelligent analysis can be better determined and handled by your internal team. Threat detection and response times are critical metrics to monitor at your enterprise, and automated solutions can tremendously reduce the amount of time a threat can be active in your network.

Maintain Continuous Compliance

How many regulations does your enterprise need to comply with? For example, more than 70,000 Department of Defense contractors need to meet CMMC compliance by 2021. For compliance standards that dictate defenses like firewalls or ransomware, security automation solutions can keep your enterprise secure and in step with industry standards. 

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How to Get Started With Security Automation

Ready to see how security automation services can benefit your enterprise? Take these steps into consideration:

Determine Which of Your Defenses Most Immediately Needs Automation

Does your team handle a mountain of firewall alerts every day? That might be a good place to start; check in with your internal team to see where they spend the most time on repetitive tasks.

Invest in Training Your Team on Automated Solutions

Be sure your security team knows how to manage the automated solutions, when they should intervene, and that they recognize what role the automation will play in their work.

Partner With the Experts at Compuquip

Since 1980, Compuquip has operated as a solutions partner for businesses worldwide. From our headquarters in Florida, we have grown into a trusted provider of cybersecurity products and services that help our enterprise partners address their network infrastructure and security architecture needs.

Contact us today to see how we can fortify your enterprise through automation, plus put more time, money, and energy back into your team’s work!

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