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What is Firewall Automation & Why Does it Matter?

Your network administrators are tasked with regular maintenance and multiple house-keeping tasks to ensure your network remains secure. The problem is that these tasks often become redundant, and can be easily overlooked due to how tedious and repetitive they are. If your network administrators are feeling overwhelmed, they’re not alone. With the fatigue rising for many network administrators at organizations worldwide, a new solution was born out of sheer necessity: firewall automation.

With firewall automation, your team is free to focus on more significant assignments and high-return tasks. In contrast, your automated firewall and policy tool takes care of ensuring that gaps in your firewall security become a thing of the past. With compliance and risk management in mind, firewall automation makes sure to cover all aspects of what automation should be to ensure your business continuity—and minimize headaches for your network administrators.

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Why Choose Compuquip for Your Firewall Automation Project?

For a long time, Compuquip was known to be the local “Firewall Team.” After many years of change in the cybersecurity landscape, we have become a full 360° shop for all your cybersecurity needs. We mention our past because it makes our approach to your firewall automation project unique! We’re able to combine our vast experience and expertise with the ability to be agile and develop the most modern security solutions with the latest and greatest advancements in technology.

Our team of cybersecurity engineers have first-hand experience with the complexities and repetitive tasks that come from managing a firewall, and have handled numerous migrations over to fully automated systems for organizations of all sizes operating in nearly every industry!

In fact, we recently conducted one of our largest customer migrations to date. Our customer was able to increase productivity, deliver better customer service, and free up time for their internal IT team after our successful automation project. Learn more details about the project in our case study:

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Why Do We Partner with Tufin for Firewall and Policy Automation?

When searching for a tool that would fit our select customer’s needs, Tufin came across as the most intuitive in its class. Ever since our partnership began, our team of experts have been able to not only capitalize on the tool’s full capabilities, but also help our current Tufin customers maximize their ROI for Tufin products. With Tufin, you can:

Compuquip has ranked within Tufin’s partner program, having become one of the few Gold Partners in its deep bench of partners. We were even named a Tufin 2020 Americas Regional Partner of the year! With such a strong relationship, numerous members of the Compuquip team have been able to obtain certifications on Tufin products and product updates—meaning you can rest easy knowing your firewall automation solutions are in good hands.


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