Give Your Business the Gift of Cybersecurity

The end of the year is an excellent time for business leaders to reflect on the events of the past 12 months and to review their progress towards their business goals. What went well over the last year? What could have gone better? What contributed to success or failure for each goal?

One success factor that many businesses underestimate is their cybersecurity architecture. Business cybersecurity measures can have a significant impact on an organization’s ability to conduct business effectively, prevent loss, and safeguard the intellectual properties that form the company’s “secret sauce” for success. Just to highlight how big of an impact cybersecurity can have on a business, according to data cited by, “60 percent of small businesses fold within 6 months of a cyber attack.” These businesses often don’t have the resources to survive the backlash from a major data security breach

Cybercrime is an all-too-common occurrence at the end of the year as well—largely because businesses may be too busy or distracted to effectively deal with a cyberattack.

With this in mind, the end of the year and the eventual budget reset marks an excellent opportunity for business leaders to give their businesses a gift that will keep on giving—the gift of cybersecurity.

Here’s how Compuquip’s cybersecurity services can help your business succeed in the face of cyber threats:

A Robust Team of Seasoned Cybersecurity Experts

Compuquip’s cybersecurity services team is a well-rounded and sizeable group of cybersecurity experts. Between extensive formal education in cybersecurity, years of practical experience actually fending off cyber threats, and collaborating with security solution providers to learn different cybersecurity technologies, the Compuquip team has grown in capability.

This team is 100% dedicated to doing their best for every client. Because they’re a team, if there is anything that one employee can’t deal with alone, they can draw on the expertise of another team member.

This expertise is available for a fraction of the cost of what trying to hire a similarly-skilled team of cybersecurity experts internally would be.

Flexible Cybersecurity Measures

Every business is different. Even two businesses in the same industry that serve the same markets have at least a few differentiating factors that make them unique. Yet, many of these companies with unique cybersecurity needs take a cookie-cutter approach to cybersecurity.

While there are a few basic building blocks of cybersecurity that every business should have, regardless of industry or specialization, there will always be special considerations that need to be made to meet a business’ goals, fit a budget, or match a timeline. This is why Compuquip offers flexible cybersecurity services rather than just a few set plans. Flexible contract terms help ensure our customers get the right level of cybersecurity protection for the right price without a bunch of excess fat.

We also cut the “red tape” by empowering our people to make important decisions without having clear everything by some remote exec up the chain of command. This helps to ensure that our people can react quickly to an ever-changing cyber threat environment so they can provide meaningful business cybersecurity.

Proactive Cybersecurity That Works to Stop Cyberattacks Before They Cause Harm

For a long time, much of the cybersecurity industry has been focused on reacting to attacks—basically waiting for a threat to hit home and then work to recover from it. While being able to react to a threat is important, it’s also necessary to try and escape from the reactionary mindset and focus on stopping attacks before they can start (or, at least, limiting their potential impact).

Compuquip Cybersecurity works to proactively defend against new cyber threats for customers in several ways:

  1. Using Cyber Threat Intelligence. Our team specializes in monitoring numerous threat intelligence feeds to remain apprised of the latest cyber threats and attack strategies. Knowing the attack methods and the tactics that cybercriminals are using helps our team prevent, or at least blunt, these attacks.

  2. Running Penetration Tests. One of the best ways to identify an exploit or security gap before an attacker does is to try and break your cybersecurity architecture yourself. Compuquip’s team has several experts who specialize in ;penetration testing to identify potential weaknesses in a company’s cybersecurity architecture so they can be fixed before an attacker uses them.

  3. Implementing Solutions to Counter Common Cyberattack Strategies. A little preparation can be critical to saving a lot of time, money, and effort later on. By implementing specific cybersecurity measures, Compuquip can proactively prepare to counter common cyberattack strategies (thus, limiting the effectiveness of the attack). For example, one way to counter a ransomware attack and make it almost completely toothless is to implement a data backup solution with strong recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs and RPOs). If the local data is corrupted, it could simply be restored from the backup.

Compuquip is a flexible, reliable, and experienced provider of proactive cybersecurity solutions. Need help maximizing your cybersecurity architecture? Reach out to the experts at Compuquip today!