Why Flexibility in a Cybersecurity Company Matters

When looking for a cybersecurity company to partner with, what is the first thing you look for? Is it:

  • The right technology?
  • The best price?
  • A large and knowledgeable team of cybersecurity protection experts?
  • A good industry reputation?

All of these things are important in a managed security service provider (MSSP). However, there is one more trait that can be just as important: how flexible the cybersecurity company is concerning their services.

Why should you look for cybersecurity companies that offer flexible services? What are the benefits? And, what does it mean for a cybersecurity service provider to be flexible?

What It Means to Be a Flexible Cybersecurity Service Provider

There are many ways in which a cybersecurity company can be flexible, including:

  • Contract Terms. Does the cybersecurity service provider offer only a fixed contract period? What minimum terms are there in the contract for service duration, cost, etc.? A flexible cybersecurity company provides a contract that meets your needs without locking you into punishing terms if you find yourself dissatisfied with their services.

  • Financial Flexibility. Will the managed security service provider offer cybersecurity protections that match your budget? Or, do they take a “one-budget-fits-all” approach that either leaves you paying a pittance for inferior protection or a king’s ransom for services that you don’t really need? A flexible cybersecurity protection solution should be customized to meet your needs and budget as much as possible.

  • Cutting Red Tape. Does the cybersecurity company empower the people working on your account with authority to cut the red tape when necessary? Or, do they uphold a bureaucratic system that requires each engineer to file a procurement report three steps up the chain of command every time they sneeze and need a tissue? Processes and procedures are necessary to ensure that services are consistent, yes—but not when they interfere with an MSSP’s ability to provide service at all.

To simplify the above, flexibility is anything and everything that a cybersecurity company can do to accommodate your company’s own needs.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Flexible Cybersecurity Service Provider

Partnering with a cybersecurity company that is ready, willing, and able to provide some flexibility offers a few key benefits for cost, quality of service, and service speed.

By being willing to give their threat management experts the latitude to make decisions that benefit their customers, a flexible cybersecurity company helps to ensure fast and reliable service. This way, if the experts notice a major issue that needs to be fixed, they can alert you right away about the problem and why it needs fixing rather than:

  1. Sending a report up the chain to a decision-maker in the company.
  2. Getting the decision-maker to sign off on an approval for the change (or, sending it even further up the chain if the change is too big or out of the ordinary).
  3. Waiting for approval to be sent back down the chain.
  4. Notifying you about the decision from the higher-ups.
  5. Relaying your decision to the higher-ups.
  6. Repeating steps 4 and 5 ad nauseam in what amounts to an indirect contract renegotiation that takes forever.

Because this takes so long, there is an increased risk of whatever issue there was being exploited by a malicious actor.

Having a partner for cybersecurity protection that is willing to work with you to adapt to your business practices helps to minimize their impact on your business’ operations. Additionally, acquiring a cybersecurity provider that is willing to provide some budgetary flexibility helps to keep you from being locked into a “cookie-cutter” solution. The provider will adjust and adapt specific elements of their cybersecurity strategy to meet your budget while addressing your needs.

Finally, having a flexible MSSP that provides contract terms that don’t have long minimum service agreements and harsh early termination clauses helps you be confident that you won’t be trapped with a terrible service provider.

How Compuquip Provides Flexible Cybersecurity Protection

Compuquip Cybersecurity is a leading cybersecurity company that provides flexible services to companies. We have a unique advantage in being a small business that is agile and flexible. Whether it’s contracts, financial flexibility, or partnering with you to learn more about how your business works—we work hard to accommodate our customers’ needs.

We also empower our people to cut the red tape to make decisions without walking every little thing up the organization. This is a point with which many leading cybersecurity companies struggle. We’re a family-owned and customer-funded business that strives to equip businesses of all sizes and industries with the knowledge and tools they need to make threat management as simple as possible.

We understand that sticking to one way of doing things is not a recipe for success—it’s a recipe for disaster as it leaves the cybersecurity strategy too rigid and inflexible to adapt to an ever-evolving threat environment.

If you would like to have a flexible and adaptable cybersecurity partner—one who will do what they can to meet your security needs for the right cost—contact Compuquip Cybersecurity today!