Do You Need Front Line Support for Your Security Devices?

Security devices can take many forms for a business. From network inspection devices (i.e. “firewalls”), to security information and event management (SIEM) programs, to endpoint security (like kernel-level event analysis and endpoint detection and response tools), there is no end to the list of security devices that you might find in your business.

The issue is that these security devices can be difficult to manage. With so many different devices to track, security device management can quickly become an overwhelming task for any business. This is where front line security device support can be immensely useful.

What is front line support for security devices? Also, why would you need it for your business? Here’s a quick bit of info about frontline security device support and its benefits for your company’s overall cybersecurity posture:

What is Front Line Security Device Support?

Front line support is a service provided by some managed security service providers (MSSPs) to help manage issues with the security devices your business uses. The form of this support may vary from one MSSP to the next, so it’s important to ask your managed security services partner exactly what their support services entail.

For example, Compuquip’s own front line security device support program involves:

  • Providing assistance with initial device setup;
  • Fixing issues with the security devices we cover;
  • Generating security device status updates as needed; and
  • Answering questions about security device management.

This is one of the security management services that Compuquip offers to its customers. Additionally, Compuquip’s front line support team can often make recommendations for implementing new security devices if they find gaps in your network security coverage.

The basic goal of front line security support services like this is to be as close to the proverbial “front line” as possible, acting to maximize security for your organization by helping you manage your security devices more efficiently.

What Are the Benefits of Front Line Security Device Management and Support?

How does having a managed security service provider assisting you with front line support help your company? Here are a few of the benefits of front line security management services:

  • Faster Resolution of Security Device Issues. With managed security device support, you’ll have a team of experienced professionals on hand to resolve any issues with your security device configuration. So, if there are any problems, they can be resolved quickly with a minimum of effort on your part.

  • Reduced Labor for Security Device Management. Front line device support means that your MSSP can take on the burden of managing the bulk of your security device configuration and upkeep tasks—allowing you to focus on value-added activities for your business.

  • Instant Access to Experts. Another benefit of using an MSSP to provide managed security device support services is that they can provide expert insight into your cybersecurity tools. With front line support, you can call them up to ask questions and get quick answers when you need them.

  • Better Alignment Between Your Security Devices and Your Business’ Needs. Odds are that the MSSP providing your security device management isn’t just familiar with the security devices you’re using, but with many other devices that could be used to improve security without impacting your business processes. In many cases, they’ll be able to recommend changes that you could make to improve the alignment between your security devices and your business’ needs.

Being able to improve the alignment between your business’ security measures and your business’ goals alone may be enough to justify hiring an MSSP for their front line security device management and support services.

Do you need support to better manage your business’ cybersecurity tools? Reach out to the experts at Compuquip to learn more!

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