Private Companies Need to Step Up their Cyber Defense Strategies Before the Federal Government Steps In

When it comes to cybersecurity, every single organization benefits from fortifying its cyber defense strategy. Not only does the organization individually benefit from having a strong cybersecurity posture, but also the entire United States government and economy. If each company practices good cybersecurity hygiene and has appropriate protocols in place to reduce its risk of attack, then the whole nation thrives.

This relationship between public and private cybersecurity measures was recently emphasized in a series of two recent roundtable discussions involving senior government officials and senior information security executives from major enterprises. These discussions were hosted by the Center for Strategic & International Studies, an organization based in Washington, DC, and founded in 1962 as a non-partisan non-profit agency whose mission is to “define the future of security.” 

Step up your cybersecurity defenses with these tips

Both types of attendees—the government officials and the enterprise executives—concurred that basic cybersecurity standards must be met. Too often, an organization is exploited by vulnerabilities that were never resolved or an employee clicks through a phishing email and opens the door for malicious actors.

Small and medium-sized businesses are especially at risk—some reports estimate nearly half of cyberattacks in 2021 targeted SMBs. No matter the size, scale, or budget of your company, there are certain basic cybersecurity measures you can take to protect your data, network, assets, and, ultimately, our national security.

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