4 Reasons Why We Use Check Point Software Security Systems

Compuquip Cybersecurity partners with many different security technology providers so we can provide the best solutions to meet the needs of our clients as thoroughly as possible. One of our key partners for providing software-based security solutions is Check Point Software Technologies LTD.

Why do we work with Check Point to provide software security systems to our customers?

Some reasons include:

Check Point’s Knowledge of Cybersecurity Issues and Threat Research

Check Point is a dedicated provider of cybersecurity software solutions, working to study attack trends and preemptively identify zero-day vulnerabilities and fix them before they can become major security liabilities.

They maintain an active research page featuring information about the latest threats and their newsletter helps to keep subscribers in-the-know about cyber attack trends. This research helps to ensure that they’re always on top of the latest developments and ready to protect the businesses that rely on their product for protection.

Collaborative Support

Check Point uses both direct enterprise and collaborative enterprise support models to help their software’s users get the most out of their cybersecurity solution. With their direct enterprise support, customers receive support from an internal Check Point team member. However, they can’t be everywhere. So, Check Point also has a program that provides experts local to your area with training to help customers around the world get support from an expert who understands their needs and language.

Shared Partner Network

Compuquip and Check Point share a fair number of key technology and security partners—such as CrowdStrike, CyberArk, Splunk, and Tufin Technologies™. Because both companies use many of the same technologies and solutions, it’s easier for Compuquip and Check Point to align said solutions for smoother integration.

Award-Winning Protection

Check Point’s cybersecurity software solutions have earned numerous accolades from a variety of organizations, including Forrester, NSS Labs, and the SC Media Awards. These organizations were specifically honoring Check Point’s SandBlast Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) solution, which is designed to help counter zero-day threats by detecting abnormal activity—it even works to automatically detect, stop, and reverse ransomware attacks.

Check Point also has strong mobile security solutions, with a modified version of their SandBlast security designed to protect smartphones and other mobile devices.

More than anything, though, we work with Check Point because they’re passionate about providing top-of-the-line security to all of their customers—whether those customers are massive corporate enterprises or small home offices working on a tight budget.

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