3 Reasons Why Compuquip Should Be Your Tufin Partner

Tufin is a market-leading provider of security policy orchestration solutions that help companies interface their third-party network security solutions for improved visibility and control. Recognized by Gartner as a “policy-based network orchestration solution,” Tufin software technologies are used by companies throughout the world to help them increase the effectiveness of their cybersecurity.

Compuquip Cybersecurity is proud to be your go-to Tufin partner. Why are we your best choice for a Tufin partner? Here are a few reasons why:

Our Adaptability in Choosing Cybersecurity Tools

One of the biggest advantages of using Tufin software technologies is in how they create a “single pane of glass” view of your network security. However, this does not guarantee strong cybersecurity in and of itself—it takes the cybersecurity solutions your company is already using and makes them easier to track and manage.

Because Compuquip takes a flexible approach to choosing and using cybersecurity solutions, we can help you adapt your tool choices to improve network security and manageability. This makes us an ideal Tufin partner for organizations of all sizes. We can mix and match network security tools and services to provide the optimum level of security while making it easy for you to manage.

Our Years of Experience in Cybersecurity

Compuquip got its start in 1980 as a banking equipment leasing company and grew over the years to start specializing in cybersecurity after discovering how severely issues of network security impacted our customers’ business operations. By 2002, Compuquip’s security expertise had grown to the point where the company was able to launch a security-focused team—and our company has specialized in cybersecurity ever since.

Our transition from hardware to network security brought with it years of insight into how security and business operations can interact with one another. Since 2002, our cybersecurity experts have worked with businesses of all sizes in different verticals, gaining insights from priceless first-hand experience. We also constantly work to learn new technologies and solutions—which is how we first discovered Tufin and became a Tufin partner organization.

We’re a Gold-Ranked Tufin Partner

Tufin has a channel partner program that divides their partners into four distinct groups: Gold partners, distributors, silver partners, and authorized partners. Compuquip is proud to be a gold Tufin partner.

To be a gold-ranked Tufin partner, an organization has to meet several criteria, including:

  • Having two or more Tufin-certified engineers
  • Employing two or more Tufin-trained sales managers
  • Having a designated Tufin product manager

Achieving gold-ranked Tufin partner status means having several team members with an intimate knowledge of how Tufin’s software technologies work and how to use them to benefit other organizations.

As a gold-ranked Tufin partner, Compuquip has detailed knowledge of how Tufin’s security policy-based solutions work—and how to leverage them to your advantage.

Are you using Tufin software technologies for your organization, but worried you aren’t getting the maximum ROI from them? Speak with one of our specialists today to learn more about how you can optimize your cybersecurity ROI!