4 Reasons Compuquip is A Global Leading Check Point Partner

Check Point Software Technologies LTD is one of the most reliable and trusted security software providers in the industry. Their constant innovation helps them remain on top of the latest threats and proactively counter them—which is one of the reasons why Compuquip decided to become a Check Point partner organization.

Do you need help getting the most out of your top-of-the-line Check Point security software solutions? Compuquip is your best Check Point partner. Why is Compuquip your best Check Point partner?

Here are a few reasons:

1) Our Experience as a Check Point Integrator

Compuquip has years of experience in helping customers of all industries and sizes set up their Check Point firewall and cloud security solutions. We know the ins and outs of even the most complicated Check Point software solutions—and we can put that expertise to use in helping you get more out of your Check Point firewall.

Beyond our experience as a Check Point reseller that adds value to the product, we have over a decade of experience in providing cybersecurity services—helping us to find the perfect solutions to your network security challenges.

2) We’re a 5-Star Elite Check Point Partner

A few years ago, Check Point launched a channel partner program that they called the “Stars Program.” This exclusive program grades every company in the Check Point partner portal based on not just their ability to resell Check Point training and software, but to provide trusted and reliable cybersecurity service that does more than the minimum expected in the industry.

Compuquip has earned special distinction within this exclusive program, becoming one of only a handful of organizations in the world to be recognized as a 5-Star Elite Partner by Check Point. This means that Check Point has recognized our company’s efforts to go above and beyond for our customers when it comes to providing cybersecurity solutions.

Additionally, being a part of the partner program gives Compuquip access to exclusive channel partner resources—which we can use to help you get more from your Check Point cloud security and firewall solutions.

3) We Use Many of the Same Technology and Security Partners as Check Point

Both Check Point and Compuquip partner with many of the same technology and security vendors (such as Tufin Technologies™, CyberArk, Splunk, and CrowdStrike). This helps give us enhanced insight into Check Point’s software integrations and how to apply these solutions to your Check Point security software services.

Since we understand both sides of the interface with these shared partners, if there’s an issue with the integration, we can help you resolve the issue quickly.

4) Our Check Point Training Solution

Where many technology resellers simply drop off a software copy and leave you to figure things out for yourself, Compuquip is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and effective transition from the initial proposal to the implementation of your Check Point security solutions. This is why we offer Check Point training and support to help your team learn the software and how to get the most out of it.

We have a deep bench of experts—with more than 10 Check Point-certified engineers on staff—to provide hands-on training in different Check Point solutions. This helps smooth the transition to using Check Point cloud security and firewall software for your business so you can get a better return on investment.

Compuquip is your best Check Point partner. If you’re ready to get more out of your Check Point security solutions—or need help implementing them in the first place—reach out to the Compuquip Cybersecurity team today! We look forward to helping you safeguard your business.