Discuss Strategies for Improving Your Security with Our CISO!

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Compuquip’s team of Florida-based cybersecurity experts are eager to help you protect your business from modern cyber threats.

Compuquip Cybersecurity is dedicated to helping organizations throughout Florida improve their cybersecurity so they can focus on meeting their goals. Compuquip’s team has years of experience in the cybersecurity industry helping companies maximize their network security.

Some of the cybersecurity services that you can discuss with our CISO include:

Managed Security Services

From SIEM co-management to onsite staff augmentation for Florida businesses, our managed security services help companies take control of their cybersecurity.

Threat Management and Incident Response

Creating an incident response plan (IRP) is a crucial threat management strategy. Making sure that IRP has the resources necessary is vital for ensuring that you can manage threats effectively. Compuquip helps manage your threat management strategies and data feeds so your IRP is as effective as possible.

Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing

With new vulnerabilities being exploited all the time, it’s important to regularly stress test your cybersecurity architecture to identify weaknesses before cybercriminals can leverage them.

Security Architecture Reviews and Implementations

Conducting a review of your current security architecture can be crucial for finding ways to optimize your cybersecurity while reducing impacts to your business processes. Compuquip can also help you find and implement new cybersecurity solutions to streamline processes and close critical security gaps.