Virtual CISO Services


Protect Your Business with a Virtual CISO Now!

CISOs, or Chief Information Security Officers, fill a critical role in a business’ cybersecurity strategy. These individuals help the company develop, implement, and manage their cybersecurity programs to minimize the risk of data breaches and loss.

Normally, the CISO role is filled by a senior-level executive within the organization. However, for many small to medium-size businesses, dedicating a top-level person to the task of developing and maintaining a cybersecurity program can be prohibitively expensive.

This is where Compuquip’s virtual CISO services can help! With our virtual CISO, you can enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated specialist without having to worry about recruiting and keeping such a high-cost individual on the payroll.

Here’s What You Get with Our Virtual CISO Service

The deliverables for our VCISO service include:


Cybersecurity Program Development

Our virtual CISO team will work with the appropriate stakeholders within your organization to review and improve upon your current cybersecurity program.


Third Party Penetration Test Management

Penetration tests are a critical strategy for identifying vulnerabilities in your network environment and security procedures. Our team will work with pentester providers to ensure that you receive comprehensive penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

Cybersecurity Policy & Procedure Reviews

Our team will examine your company’s current cybersecurity policies and procedures to identify areas for improvement—and then work to make those improvements.


We’ll create a play-by-play review of your security assessment results, complete with prioritized recommendations to address and resolve any identified issues.

Quarterly Board Meeting Presentations

We'll hold a quarterly board meeting with your team to present a list of findings—including a brief on what threats your business has weathered, what measures we’ve taken to resolve those threats, and recommendations for improving your cybersecurity program moving forward.

Incident Response Development

Our team will create an incident response plan (IRP) to help your business respond, contain, investigate and eliminate malicious actors that threaten the security of your data in the event of a breach.

How You Can Benefit from Compuquip’s Virtual CISO Services!

Instant Access to Cybersecurity Expertise. With Compuquip’s Virtual CISO service, you get access to this invaluable resource without having to spend time, effort, and money on recruiting for the position.

Save Money on Payroll. With our CISO service, you can fill this critical position without having to worry about keeping this high-cost individual on your payroll. This helps you save money on payroll expenses.

You Get CISO Service That Doesn’t Take a Break. Compuquip’s Virtual CISO pulls together the services of a team of cybersecurity experts. This means that you get coverage when you need it most.

Up-to-Date Knowledge of the Latest Cybersecurity Methods. Our team of cybersecurity experts undergoes continuous education in the latest cybersecurity methods and solutions to better protect your business.

Shared Experience and Knowledge. Because Compuquip’s team serves many different businesses, they are able to bring together the knowledge and experience they earn working with all of our customers and apply it to your needs.

These benefits help to ensure that your business always has access to knowledgeable and experienced cybersecurity experts to fill the important role of a CISO for your organization—without having to spend a lot of time and money on recruiting an in-house specialist!

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