Security Architecture Implementations


How secure are your systems from outside intrusion? Many businesses assume their security architecture is sound—only to fall prey to a preventable attack later. Security architecture reviews help you close vulnerabilities by identifying existing issues, finding the best solution for each, and helping you to create a strategy for implementing those solutions.

Compuquip provides comprehensive security architecture reviews that take a close look at your company’s network environment to provide you with as complete a picture as possible of your security.

Our proven process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Review Security Architecture

We compare your current security architecture and policies to the desired deployment infrastructure and environment. By determining where you’re at and where you need to be, we can create a roadmap to help you make the transition as smoothly as possible—navigating around the potholes in implementing strong cybersecurity solutions along the way.


Step 2: Conduct a Physical and Logical Review of IT Security Components

Before we can begin building the road map to your desired security state, it’s important to know what all of the security elements in your organization are. A physical and logical security architecture review itemizes all of the physical devices in your environment—what components are present and what operating systems they use—as well as the security rules, security policies and procedures that are in place.

Step 3: Ensure Alignment

Following the physical and logical review of your IT security components, our team makes sure that any new policies, security solutions, and procedures are all aligned with your business’ goals and needs.

Basically, we work to make sure that you have the best possible security solutions in place while minimizing their impact on your business operations. This helps you to maintain a strong customer experience while improving your cybersecurity posture.

Step 4: Synthesize Findings into a Presentable Format

Any and all findings from the review are compiled into a set of documents that are formatted in a way that makes them easily presentable to the management team in your organization. These documents will include our security experts’ recommendations and strategies for mitigating your risks so you can start working to improve your cybersecurity posture right away.

What You Get in a Compuquip Security Architecture Review

The deliverables in the Compuquip Security Architecture Review include:


Technical Review of Your Current Security Architecture

Our team makes a comprehensive analysis of your current network environment, interviews key stakeholders, and assesses your current security controls to identify vulnerabilities to be addressed.


Whiteboard Architecture Review and Discussion

A senior certified engineer will whiteboard the current architecture and then work with your team to determine the best approach to improving your network and data security. Rest easy knowing that you’re getting expert help!

Development of “Best in Breed” Solutions for Your Security Needs

Compuquip’s sales and accounting teams work with our partners to develop optimal solutions to meet your company’s specific technical needs. These solutions are carefully adjusted to provide the best ROI for your budget.

On-site Support and Deployment by a Senior & Certified Security Engineer

Our team does more than just put together a solution and say “here you go!” We will put a team on-site for the deployment and changes—providing a turnkey solution to roll out your new cybersecurity infrastructure.

Comprehensive Documentation of All Changes

Know exactly what you’re getting! Our team will document any and all changes we implement and provide you with records of what was changed and why so you know you have a security architecture optimized to current standards.

We work hard to make sure that you have a solid plan in place for improving your information security solutions and procedures based on your organization’s unique needs.

Get started with a security architecture review by contacting us today!