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With Compuquip as your dedicated partner for offensive security, you ensure your organization is ready to handle threats from all angles. Our team of experts enables the extra level of compliance necessary for your organization to run on all cylinders and ensure business continuity.


What are Offensive Security Services?

With hackers constantly evolving and uncovering new avenues to attack organizations and hold data ransom, your internal offense needs to remain above par 24/7. These adversaries are more fluent than ever in DDoS, Zero-Day, MITM, and many other forms of hacking into networks. Turning to a trusted Offensive Security Service Provider (OSSP) can help you to identify threats and close them before hackers can take advantage! 

You can rely on our OSSP experts to put your environment and personnel to the test. With a variety of different angles of attack, our team of experts will exert the possibilities to emulate a real-world attack against your organization. This makes it possible to uncover potential chances for your organization to fall amongst the infamous organizations held ransom.

How Often Should Your Organization Perform Offensive Security Tests?

This question is never easily answered, as many organizations have different compliance levels. On average, we see that organizations from all verticals will perform at least one offensive security service every six months. Whether it be a network penetration test or purple team engagement, it’s always necessary to exercise the stability of your infrastructure against threats and compliance-ready.

What Stand-Alone Services Fall Under Offensive Security?

Our industry-leading Offensive Security Services are broken down into four main categories: 


Network Penetration Testing 

Our network penetration testing services go far beyond simply checking for obvious weaknesses to stress test your cybersecurity protections in great detail. Our end goal is to proactively identify risks and report on actionable items that can be used to improve your network security posture.

View Our Network Penetration Testing Services


Web Application Penetration Testing

Our web application security services ensure that your application complexities are thoroughly explored, ensuring all are manually scanned and/or exploited. These of your environment will not only shine a light on any potential vulnerabilities but also provide serviceable, actionable insights to improve your application security! 

View Our Web Application Testing Services


Purple Teaming (Red & Blue Teams)

Our purple teaming cybersecurity engagements feature a unique two-prong approach. While the red team focuses on breaching your infrastructure, the blue-team bolsters security by verifying policies and analyzes human-like errors across the organization, verifying detections, and responding to actions of the red team!

View Our Purple Teaming Services


Vulnerability Management

Our vulnerability scanning and management services proactively expose, assess, report, remediate, and validate threats that live within your environment. By mitigating incoming threats and developing a powerful vulnerability management program tailored to your unique goals and objectives, you can ensure your cybersecurity posture is battle-ready.

View Our Vulnerability Management Services

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