Dedicated IT Security Staff for Your Business

Focus On Your Business. Let Us Worry About IT Security.

Creating and maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture is a complicated and difficult process that requires dedicated expertise and time to manage. However, building a team of experts with the right skill set(s) for managing your cybersecurity architecture can be prohibitively costly and time-consuming.

Compuquip is here to help with your IT security staffing needs! We have a deep bench of dedicated cybersecurity experts who are ready to step in and help you manage your risk and compliance needs for data security. Those experts have a holistic outlook on how they can protect our clients. They will ensure they are in a position to implement security change to create a healthier outlook on protecting your organization.

That healthier outlook takes the following into consideration:

  • Management - training and education, policy and procedures, auditing and reporting
  • Technology - patch management, VPN, wireless
  • Adaptability - backup, culture, business continuity, disaster recovery
  • Compliance - once the above is done, compliance is easy

You can reserve a team of experts for your short, long, or even intermittent projects!


Why Use Compuquip’s Security Experts?

First and foremost, Compuquip’s cybersecurity teams include a number of seasoned experts, such as security engineers, officers, operators, analysts, and architects as well as forensics experts who have the practical knowledge and expertise to execute a cybersecurity strategy that is optimized for your business’ needs.

When you use Compuquip’s IT security staffing, you’re getting a dedicated team of capable people. So, you get to interact with the same individuals that can get to know your company and its needs rather than a rotating cycle of different people who have to spend time getting up to speed every time you need something done.

Basically, you get on-demand access to a dedicated cybersecurity solutions expert, without having to pay the full-time price for one!

Providing IT Security Personnel On Demand

For example, say you have an IT team in your company, and need them to focus on rolling out a new product—but, that team also is in charge of your network security and threat monitoring. Pulling them off of their IT security tasks to focus on a product rollout increases your exposure to security risks, but hiring a team would be prohibitively costly.

IT Security Staffing

By using Compuquip’s IT security staffing solution, you can fulfill your network security needs, freeing up your staff to focus on the initiatives that will drive your company’s success.

Once you no longer need the extra security personnel, our team will return to being on standby. If you need more support later, they’ll pick right back up where they left off. So, whether you need a few extra people to fill in for a short-term project, someone to manage a long-term security project that requires skills not found on your team, or just a little support every now and again, Compuquip can help you cover your needs!

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