Transform Your Security Posture with Compuquip’s Purple Teaming Cybersecurity Services

Compuquip’s purple teaming cybersecurity engagements bring together the best of both red and blue teaming to identify and mitigate threats in your environment. While the red team focuses on breaching your infrastructure, the blue team bolsters security by verifying policies and analyzes human-like errors across the organization—verifying detections and responding to actions of the red team!

What is Purple (Red & Blue) Teaming and How Can it Benefit My Organization?

Red teaming is the bare-bones process of discovering single or multiple vulnerabilities within your network at any means necessary. Our red team doesn’t just scan your network with a tool; we gather data and attempt multi-faceted attacks across your organization. This multi-layered adversary simulation attack is designed to imitate the systems, security, people, and policies responsible for a real-world attack against your organization.

With our advanced red-team, your organization will be subject to a series of stealthy and realistic adversary tactics to accomplish an agreed-upon objective (such as stealing sensitive PII or customer data). With each red-teamer in unison, our team will deploy as few segments of attacks as possible while remaining undetected in your environment. Our goal will be simple: accomplish the objectives while avoiding detection.

Similar to many sports, there’s an offense and a defense enabled with one goal in mind - to prevent the opposing side from scoring and/or defending the post. During our engagements, the blue-team will monitor activities, test defense tactics, and provide expertise throughout the attack for your internal IT team to revise and gain the insight necessary to defend against real-world attacks on your organization.

With DDoS, MITM & Zero-day attacks on the horizon, your organization needs to remain battle-ready as adversaries continue to develop new styles of approaching their attacks and gaining reconnaissance into your environment before striking your organization.

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The Compuquip Approach to Purple Teaming: Combining The Best of Technology and Human Expertise

While keeping the most cutting-edge technology in mind, we never forget about the human factor that will always be necessary for an effective cybersecurity strategy. Our team of experts deploy their expertise during our engagements and apply this human factor to each engagement to help hone in on all outlying possibilities of an attack. 

As we gain reconnaissance into your environment and uncover security vulnerabilities, one of our main goals during each engagement is to help you close each gap found by creating a tailored solution to fill it!

Effective vulnerability management is crucial for any successful modern business, and there are many benefits of performing a red team engagement, including the ability to:

  • Understand where a single or batch of vulnerabilities may live within your network 
  • Close potential gaps in your security posture
  • Protect and secure valuable assets that can define your business continuity
  • Train frontline and back-end employees on cybersecurity best practices

These are just a few examples of the numerous advantages that come from an advanced red team engagement. The more time allocated to each tailored project, the more insight your organization will gain based on testing your processes, your employees, and your defensive tooling and teams. 

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Purple Team Methodology


Purple team methodology is a rare chance for both the blue and red teams to work together. The red team will attack the network using numerous angles with one goal in mind: don’t get caught. The scope (or objective) of this engagement is set before the attack. Whether it’s stealing sensitive PII or customer data, the red team will have that predetermined objective in mind throughout the engagement to meet your goals and needs. As the working adversary, our team of experts attempts to gain reconnaissance through virtual and physical access to confidential data within your organization.


Unlike many other offensive security engagements assessments that can be performed on your network, this engagement is meant to be kept under wraps from most of the employees. The red team will attempt to stay covert in order to complete the overall objective, thoroughly testing your security defenses and blue teams. Only a handful of executives and the blue team will be aware of the ongoing assessment.

Detection Testing

If the blue team identifies attack activity, they will contact the red team to verify it’s not a real attack. Once verified, the red team will continue the attack while the blue team will notate how they were detected and keep monitoring to see what other activity they detect. As attackers do not stop “hacking” companies even when they are discovered, neither will our red team. This will give the blue team a rare opportunity to monitor and observe attacker behavior while devising new strategies to detect and block that activity, while also knowing this is a simulation.


Once the engagement is complete, our team will break down our findings on how the adversary was able to access the infrastructure, exploit vulnerabilities found along the way, and how they accomplished their objectives. With this knowledge, you can better understand the security posture of your environment and identify ways to improve it. From there, we can help your organization develop a plan to help prevent any future exploitations in your network!

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