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Maximize Your SIEM Investment

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools allow organizations to collect data across their entire network in a central location to gain real-time visibility into potential threats and risks. Properly implemented and managed SIEM solutions can generate alerts to warn of attacks in progress, archive forensic data to analyze the strategies used by cyberattackers, and identify other system anomalies that could endanger business continuity.

Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to get the most out of their SIEM software because they lack the experience or resources to effectively manage the massive amounts of data SIEM tools generate. Partnering with a managed security services provider (MSSP) can reduce the burden of day to day SIEM management while maximizing the platform’s full potential. That’s why Compuquip Cybersecurity offers fully managed and co-managed SIEM services to help you protect your network and keep your sensitive data secure.

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Managed SIEM Services

Compuquip’s IT security services team has the skills and experience to help you get the most out of your SIEM platform. Some of the benefits of a managed SIEM solution include:

Data Classification

We’ll help you classify your data so you can properly prioritize it in your incident response plans and disaster recovery/business continuity plans. Organizing your data into broad categories can also help you use it more efficiently throughout your day-to-day business workflows.

Dedicated Cybersecurity Service Engineer

While SIEM tools generate a great deal of valuable security data, much of that information will go to waste if it’s not being actively used to create and refine information security controls and policies that will protect your network. With managed SIEM services, you work with a qualified cybersecurity service engineer to adjust your security policies based on evolving SIEM threat data.

Certified Engineers Specific to SIEM Management

SIEM software is complex and often comes with a steep learning curve when it comes to effective management. A managed solution gives you instant access to experienced engineers who already know how to get the most out of big data SIEM tools and can train your internal security team to use the platform effectively.

SOC Readiness and Compliance

With SIEM tools in place to help you reduce risk, log network activity, and measure your security posture over time, you can better prepare your organization to undergo SOC evaluations and meet additional information security compliance standards (such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001).

Reduce Alerts Fatigue and Workloads Off Your In-House Team

Your IT personnel are essential for driving innovation and helping you develop your next generation of products and services. With a managed SIEM solution, they’ll spend less time responding to security alerts and sifting through “noisy” data and more time helping you innovate so you can stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Our managed SIEM services are delivered by a team of cybersecurity professionals who are committed to your success. We understand your unique cybersecurity challenges and will work with you to provide a customized managed SIEM solution that helps your organization minimize risk and combat online threats.

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How SIEM Works

Modern SIEM technology involves collecting data from a variety of sources, normalizing it within a common framework, and then correlating it to identify any suspicious or unusual activity. Today’s SIEM software can be installed on-premises within your own infrastructure or hosted within a cloud environment.

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Managed and Co-Managed SIEM Services with Compuquip

Compuquip offers both fully managed and co-managed SIEM services. Whether we’re managing your SIEM solution from top to bottom or working with your team as part of a co-managed solution, our experienced team can provide several benefits:


Full Visibility

We believe every partnership begins with transparency and trust. That’s why you retain full control and visibility over your SIEM data, allowing you to stay “in the loop” regarding any potential security incidents and monitor ongoing trends.


Personalized SLA

Our personalized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) establish clear expectations when it comes to your managed security services. We work with you to set the terms of your managed SIEM solution to ensure you’re always getting the services and support you need.


Service Segmented Pricing

Our segmented pricing structure allows you to get the SIEM services you need without having to pay for anything you don’t. Select the service package that best meets your organization’s unique requirements to maximize your SIEM investment.


Dedicated Team at MSS Pricing

Partnering with the Compuquip team to manage your SIEM solution costs a fraction of what it would take to recruit and train an in-house security team. Whether you need the full support of a managed SIEM or a more collaborative co-managed solution, our experienced cybersecurity experts provide you with all the benefits of a dedicated internal team without the costs that come with it.


Reduce Costs

Compuquip’s managed and co-managed SIEM services help you reduce costs by eliminating the need for additional IT personnel and improving the efficiency of your SIEM platform to strengthen your security posture. Stronger cybersecurity means fewer disruptive incidents that have the potential to impact productivity and revenue.

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