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Palo Alto Networks and Compuquip partner together to empower organizations to work securely from anywhere around the world. With more than 30% of your network now composed of IoT devices, the channel for adversaries to comprise your network is vast. We rely on these devices for our organization’s critical operations and services.

Discovery is critical, and Palo Alto has phased in Machine Learning to categorize and map device characteristics so that nothing is missed. Similar to your organization’s day-to-day operations, security should be just as continuous. Palo Alto’s fleet of tools is designed to detect and respond to anomalous behaviors in your network.

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Why Does Compuquip Partner With Palo Alto Networks (PAN)?

We understand that many organizations are thinking of new ways to remain vigilant and respond to the ever-evolving threat landscape. PAN has been able to bring forth their models of Securing The Enterprise, Securing The Cloud, and Securing the Future to a level where organizations now feel the need to adapt sooner.

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Strata (Secure the Enterprise):

The Strata next-generation firewall stops cyberattacks while simplifying security. Innovations are tightly integrated into the platform, replacing disconnected point products. Strata firewalls provide consistent protection for your data center, campus, branches, and mobile users. Palo Alto Networks has always set the standard for next-generation firewalls—keeping you on the cutting edge while simplifying security.


Prisma Access (Secure the Cloud):

With digital transformation initiatives driving cloud adoption, mobility, and SD-WAN, the ability for organizations to remain secure and prevent data breaches is becoming difficult. Prisma Access is a Secure Access Service Edge that provides connectivity and consistent security to mobile users, branch offices, and retail locations operating anywhere in the world.


Cortex (Secure the Future):

Cortex XSOAR is the industry’s most comprehensive security orchestration and automation platform with native case management, real-time collaboration, and threat intelligence management to serve security teams across the incident lifecycle.

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Palo is defining how IoT devices are used daily and should remain a top priority for organizations when defining where their security lacks coverage.


Gain an Extra Level of Security With Our Managed Network Service:

Controlling your network security can become difficult for a small or even large team. The landscape of threats are continually evolving, which means that oftentimes,  threats are able to gain access to your network and exploit your vulnerabilities.

With our team of experts within reach, we can help close these gaps and be a  dedicated extension of your team, 24/7.


Save Time and Money on Network Management


Free your IT Team to Focus on Core Business Initiatives


Instant Access to a Wealth of Information from a large team of Experts


Lessons Learned from Other MSSP Clients Can be Applied to Your Firewall


24/7 Firewall Monitoring and Management Service


No-Hassle Security Updates


Flexible, Adaptable Firewall Management


System Integration Capabilities


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