Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Secure your forefront of end-user devices from today’s new and ever-evolving threats with our Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR).

When organizations think of securing themselves against cyber threats, they normally think an EDR or VPN can simply be deployed within their environment, and worries are out the window. Unfortunately, this is just the first step in creating an environment battle-ready to help mitigate threats and ensure business continuity. It becomes difficult for organizations to ensure all endpoints across the entire enterprise are remaining secure, given the new development in technologies like IoT & cloud computing and the new level of threats we now face given these developments in technologies.

When rolling out your endpoint solution or EDR, trying to suppress its functionalities can quickly become overwhelming due to the mere fact that your internal team does not have the bandwidth or expertise. Our Managed Endpoint and EDR team can help fill that gap between an endpoint and threats, taking the burden off of your team’s shoulders.

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EDR Solutions

Organizations often realize that managing their Endpoint security solution has become a repetitive task that could derail its internal team from more significant projects and other daily tasks. With Compuquip’s team of Endpoint and EDR experts, we alleviate this burden and create a competitive advantage for your organization with the following:


Central visibility and control


Leveraging your tools to strengthen data loss prevention & antivirus protection


Customer-focused approach

How Does the Endpoint Tool Protect my Organization?

Business endpoint security and EDR strives to protect the business’ network by securing these devices as much as possible. This security can take many forms, including:


Per-Endpoint Firewalls


Kernel-Level Event Analysis


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)


Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)


Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions

These five methods mentioned all practice the methodology of safeguarding data and/or workflows associated with devices from a team member device connected to the enterprise network. An endpoint analyzes all traffic entering the network, ensuring each end-user is protected from malicious threats and malware.

Organizations often flee from dealing with the constant functions that come with administering with an Endpoint tool and opt-in to a managed approach. So how can your organization actually leverage using a managed EDR team of experts?

EDR Components Chart

Your EDR and Compuquip

Our deep bench of cybersecurity experts can serve as a dedicated extension of your team and will work around the clock on your behalf, ensuring that your organization’s core remains intact. Compuquip can help your organization’s endpoint solution with:

Fine-tuning capabilities

Expertise brought to triage malicious activity.

Reduce labor costs on analysts with only threat tactic experience and obtain tailored solutions to your environment

Team of experts and access to MSSP’s threat intelligence feeds

Custom reporting to your organizations liking and expertise on data being provided

Endpoint optimization for both security and user experience measures

SIEM Integration Capabilities

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