Security Services from a Florida Cybersecurity Company

Providing a Simple Way to Secure Your Brand and Other Important Assets

Compuquip Cybersecurity is proud to provide a complete suite of managed security services for businesses throughout Florida and the Caribbean. Our key cybersecurity services include:


Managed Security Services

For years, Compuquip has provided top-notch service and results as a managed security service provider (MSSP) for Floridian and Caribbean companies. From security information and event management (SIEM) co-management, firewall management & monitoring, and endpoint security management to frontline vendor support, Compuquip is here to help protect your business.

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Security Architecture Reviews and Implementations

No business is 100% safe from modern cyber threats. However, businesses can minimize their risks by looking at their current cybersecurity architecture and verifying that their network security solutions are implemented properly—a task that Compuquip’s team excels at.

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Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing

Compuquip’s Florida-based team of cybersecurity experts are well-versed in penetration testing methods—having helped companies in many different industries thoroughly examine their network security for hidden vulnerabilities so they could be eliminated.

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Threat Management and Incident Response

Having a strategy in place for managing threats and responding to network security incidents can mean the difference between containing threats before they become serious and a devastating breach. Compuquip’s team can help you craft the best incident response plan (IRP) for your needs.

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Virtual CISO Services

CISOs serve a critical role in managing your organization’s cybersecurity strategies. Compuquip’s Florida-based team of cybersecurity experts can fulfill this critical role for your organization for a fraction of the expense while providing dedicated CISO service and support.

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Every year, attackers make countless attempts to steal data from or defraud businesses of all sizes. While there is no way to guarantee 100% protection, simply addressing a few basic elements of cybersecurity can do a lot to minimize your risk—basics that you can find in our Cybersecurity Basics guide!

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It is our mission to help businesses throughout Florida and the Caribbean better protect themselves from modern cybersecurity threats by leveraging our years of combined experience in tackling network security challenges.

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