Compuquip & SentinelOne Partner for Endpoint Protection

Compuquip Cybersecurity is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with SentinelOne to deliver unparalleled endpoint security to our customers. As the number of endpoints in today’s networks continues to expand, it’s more important than ever for organizations to implement strong endpoint protection solutions to mitigate risk and keep their essential systems secure. Thanks to our new relationship with SentinelOne, the Compuquip team is now better equipped than ever before to help you implement and manage the endpoint protection platform your business needs.

What is SentinelOne?

One of the cybersecurity industry’s leading solutions providers (and the fastest-growing company in Silicon Valley), SentinelOne delivers next-generation endpoint protection against a variety of threat vectors. By converging endpoint protection tools with endpoint detection and response, SentinelOne has created a more robust security solution that provides unmatched endpoint protection. Using a combination of static and behavioral AI engines, the company’s Singularity platform fuses the data, access, control, and integration planes of its various security solutions to provide a comprehensive view of an organization’s network and assets.

SentinelOne provides excellent protection against known and unknown attacks to endpoints across the entire threat lifecycle. The recovery option provides a fast, first line of defense against ransomware and other system damaging attacks. SentinelOne also requires minimal administrative support, making it a very cost-effective and efficient solution. Their impressive snapshot technology is a unique feature in the industry, allowing the platform to identify potential risks that other endpoint protection tools would never catch.

Why Compuquip Chose SentinelOne

When selecting an endpoint protection solution, the Compuquip team took several factors into consideration. For starters, the solution needed to have a track record of success when it comes to meeting the endpoint protection needs of enterprise infrastructure. It also needed to have the security integrations that would allow it to work with other security platforms our customers already had in place. Industry certifications from firms such as Gartner and NSS Labs were critical, as was compliance with leading regulatory guidelines such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS.

More importantly, however, we wanted to find a partner who was committed to cybersecurity innovation. Dealing with cyberthreats creates enough disruption for our customers without forcing them to adopt a new security solution every few years when the previous solution fails to keep up with the latest trends in attack threats and risk mitigation. With its focus on applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to combat known, and especially unknown, threats, SentinelOne’s approach to endpoint protection not only meets the needs of today’s organizations, but will continue to grow in the future to defend them against new developments.

SentinelOne’s Endpoint Protection Solution

With the launch of the powerful new Singularity endpoint protection platform in February 2020, SentinelOne continues to blaze a trail when it comes to AI-powered threat detection across a variety of threat vectors. 

Some of the key features include:

Protection Against Diverse Modes of Attack

SentinelOne’s AI agents provide security against a variety of executable malware types (Trojans, worms, backdoors, etc) as well as fileless malware. They are also designed to account for common exploits that target documents, browsers, scripts, and credentials.

Static AI Threat Prevention

A pre-execution threat prevention model that uses machine learning to identify potential malware in files before they can be executed. The static AI agent runs continuously and doesn’t rely on signatures, manual updates, or recurring scans.

Behavioral AI Endpoint Protection

Fully automated with policy-driven response capabilities, SentinelOne’s behavioral AI uses multiple patented algorithms to identify and remediate a wide range of threats without the need for human intervention. It springs into action when any executed threat or unusual behavior is detected, delivering machine speed responses to shut down attacks before they can cause damage.

ActiveEDR Analysis

SentinelOne’s automated endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities provide extensive forensic data that allows security teams to better identify and mitigate threats. This not only makes it easier to remediate damages, but also determine where threats originated and what they attempted to do.

Pre-Infection Rollback

In the unlikely event of a ransomware infection, SentinelOne’s rollback feature leverages the built-in capabilities of common operating systems to take file snapshots that can be sequestered with anti-tampering defenses and used to restore critical systems.

IoT Discovery and Control

Internet of Things (IoT) devices have broadened the attack surface of company networks, introducing multiple new attack vectors. SentinelOne makes it possible to discover and integrate IoT data into the endpoint protection solution, allowing its AI to monitor and control access to IoT devices and shut down potential threats.

SentinelOne & Compuquip: An Unmatched Endpoint Protection Team

As an experienced cybersecurity services provider, the Compuquip team has the experience and skills to implement the security solutions that will keep your data and applications safe. Now, thanks to our partnership with SentinelOne, we can match that expertise with the industry’s top endpoint protection tools to create a uniform security layer that minimizes potential weak points in your network.

To learn more about how we can help your organization implement and manage SentinelOne’s AI-enabled endpoint protection solution, contact us today for a consultation.