How Firewall Monitoring & Management Protects Your Businesses

Firewall monitoring and management is one of the many managed security services that Compuquip provides to businesses in all industries. Our promise for these services is simple:

We’ll monitor your network firewalls to ensure that they use the correct definitions and have no rules conflicts that could impact the performance of your network. If changes are needed, we’ll make those changes while keeping you informed.

For example, Compuquip will often review the ingress and egress firewall rules (those rules controlling data packets as they enter or leave the system) and clean up unnecessary rules. This helps to keep the firewall running as efficiently as possible. Any time we make such a change, we file a report about the change and the reason for it so you know what we’re doing and how it affects your company.

We do our best to be involved with you and your business processes—keeping you in the proverbial loop, so you know you’re getting a worthwhile return on your cybersecurity investments.

Flexible, Adaptable Firewall Management

Because we work with companies of all industries and sizes, we have extensive experience and a deep pool of knowledge to draw upon. Odds are, whatever firewall solution you use, we’ve worked with some version of it before.

Even if we haven’t worked with your particular firewall solution before, we’re willing to partner with your vendor and get to learn their solution so we can fully integrate it with our cybersecurity processes (and ensure that it’s the best possible fit for your needs).

This helps to address one of the larger challenges of firewall monitoring and management services for businesses—letting you rest easy in the knowledge that your firewalls are being managed correctly.

Regular Firewall Management and Monitoring Reports

Compuquip can provide reporting and analytics about your firewall on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. This keeps you informed about the status of your firewall and emerging trends regarding how your network is being accessed. Some key analytics that can be included in these reports are:

  • Number of access requests.
  • Number of rejected data packets.
  • Reasons for data packet rejections.
  • Lists of which IP addresses tried to access your network.

Using this data can help you to improve your firewall configurations to better protect your network.

Minimizing Firewall Impacts While Maximizing Security Results

Compuquip strives to minimize impacts to business operations by getting to know our customers’ technology and business processes to identify solutions that provide the best possible protection without disrupting their workflows or user experience.

In fact, this is part of the reason we actively seek to partner with our customers’ technology vendors—it helps us understand how those solutions fit in, so we don’t risk disrupting things too much when we propose enhancements to a customer’s cybersecurity tools and practices.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure that you, as our customer, are getting the best possible protection without making you sacrifice on user experience for your own team and customers.

Have questions about our firewall management and monitoring services? Reach out to the Compuquip team to learn more now.