Why Compuquip is Your Global Rapid7 Partner

Being able to provide top-notch cybersecurity services means being able to work with a variety of tools and resources. This is why Compuquip Cybersecurity partners with numerous network security solution providers instead of having only one or two vendors. We often adopt new cybersecurity tools used by our clients and learn how to use them—even as we assess those tools and compare them to others throughout the industry to see if there isn’t a solution that is more effective or efficient.

One of the companies whose cybersecurity solutions Compuquip often uses is Rapid7. Why does Compuquip use Rapid7 solutions for its customers? More importantly, why are we your ideal Rapid7 partner?

Why We Use Rapid7 Technology and Services

If you’re unfamiliar with Rapid7, they’re a cybersecurity solution provider that helps other organizations increase their security by using a combination of visibility, analytics, and automation solutions. Gartner recognized Rapid7 as a “visionary” company in their Magic Quadrant report for 2018—taking particular notice of Rapid7’s “User Context and Monitoring, as well as Deployment, Operations, and Support.”

However, the awards and recognition that Rapid7 has earned are not why Compuquip partners with them. The reason we’re a Rapid7 partner is that they have incredibly powerful solutions for helping organizations assess their risks and manage their vulnerabilities.

For example, their cloud-based InsightVM solution helps improve vulnerability management by providing detailed data for study from your entire cloud ecosystem as well as analyzing real-world attack information. This data helps our cybersecurity team prioritize customer vulnerabilities and remediate active threats more efficiently.

Furthermore, their dynamic application security helps our team improve its managed application security services by crawling and assessing web applications for security vulnerabilities.

Why Compuquip is Your Rapid7 Partner

Compuquip’s cybersecurity team has years of experience working with Rapid7 products and services. We have the know-how to help you set up your Rapid7 products and get them running smoothly and efficiently, including:

  • InsightIDR
  • InsightVM
  • InsightConnect
  • InsightOps
  • InsightAppSec

We can mesh these tools into a broader managed detection and response framework to help Rapid7 customers get the best results from their security tools. We can also help Rapid7 customers resolve their configuration issues, interpret the data they get from their vulnerability management tools, and even recommend additional tools to complement their network security architecture based on the vulnerabilities that Rapid7’s tools uncover.

As a matter of fact, we are one of only three Rapid7 partners in the United States that has exclusive Professional Services rights for projects from Rapid7 as well as the right to provide a managed option for the entire Insight Product line. This gives us a level of control for Rapid7 deployments that is very difficult to find!

Do you need to find a Rapid7 partner to help you get the most out of your Rapid7 tools? We’re here to help! Contact us to learn more about how you can get more out of your suite of Rapid7 tools.

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