3 Reasons Compuquip is Your Best Symantec Partner

Odds are that you’ve heard of Symantec before—the company’s antivirus programs for personal computers is one of the industry’s leading cybersecurity solutions for consumer use. For businesses, Symantec cloud security is a top-ranked solution for securing cloud-based apps such as Microsoft Office 365.

However, getting the most out of your Symantec cloud security solutions requires having someone who is an expert in Symantec’s tools and resources on hand—expertise that Symantec partners possess. Finding a reliable Symantec partner can be tough for businesses.

Companies looking for Symantec partners can count on Compuquip Cybersecurity to be their best choice for helping make the most of their Symantec cloud security solutions. Why? Here are a few reasons Compuquip is your best Symantec partner:

1) We Are Your Symantec Experts

Compuquip is a global partner—meaning we provide local support and a personal touch for all of our. Compuquip specializes in providing personalized cybersecurity service to companies accross the world. 

In fact, one of our key managed security services is our onsite staff augmentation—where we send some of our staff to your office on either a short- or long-term basis to help fill gaps in your organization’s cybersecurity team! With our onsite staffing service, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have Symantec experts on hand to help with your cloud security needs.

2) Our Team Members Have Earned a Place in the Symantec Knights Program

Within the Symantec partner network, there is a special distinction for experts who are able to distinguish themselves as building the best security solutions and being able to adhere to strict qualifications: The Symantec Knights Program.

Compuquip’s team includes several Symantec cloud security experts who are part of the Knights program. To achieve and maintain this highly exclusive qualification, they need to:

  • Deliver a 1+ day long technical workshop on an advanced topic for Symantec customers or partners;
  • Resolve complex troubleshooting problems for Symantec customers;
  • Possess one or more Symantec product certifications and one or more product accreditations;
  • Complete specific Cyber Defense SSE courses within Symantec’s Partner University; and
  • Make regular contributions to the broader partner community in the form of advanced resources on Symantec products (whitepapers, how-to videos, best practice guides, etc.), sharing information through Symantec partner forums, and making presentations at Symantec Knights conferences/events.

These are just a few of the requirements outlined on the Symantec Knights Program partner page. Meeting all of these requirements means that the individual in the Knights Program has extensive experience and knowledge of Symantec cloud security tools—and has used those tools to provide real-world benefits to Symantec users. Additionally, many of these requirements have a time limit—they need to be repeated continuously to prove that the Knight is keeping up to date with their knowledge.

Maintaining several team members in the Symantec Knights Program allows us to provide expertise to all of our customers when they need it—making us an ideal cybersecurity partner for companies using Symantec cloud security tools.

3) We Have Years of Experience in Managing Symantec Cloud Security Tools

Our cybersecurity team earned the experience needed to achieve Symantec Knights Program membership through years of using Symantec’s products—getting to know their cloud security tools inside and out.

Compuquip has, as an organization, deployed Symantec cloud security tools in large enterprise environments on several occasions. This includes some of Symantec’s most complicated tools, such as their Data Loss Prevention (DLP) family of products. Symantec’s DLP products help protect sensitive data with advanced threat monitoring solutions and increased visibility into users’ systems that can identify “data blind spots” where sensitive data may be located in previously-unknown locations.

Our team has years of hard-won expertise in deploying these kinds of enterprise cloud security solutions for businesses of all sizes. More importantly, we’re dedicated to helping you improve your cybersecurity posture to help you better protect your business from modern cyber threats.

Have questions about how we can help you as your Symantec partner? Reach out to the Compuquip Cybersecurity team today!