3 Reasons We Use BrightGauge Software

You may be aware that Compuquip Cybersecurity partners with different security technology providers to give clients the best possible solutions. But, we also partner with other technology tool providers that help us run a better organization.

One such tool is BrightGauge, an application that connects Technology Service Providers (TSPs) and other companies to the business solution tools they use most and puts all the data users care about most in one central place.

For example, if you use Quickbooks (a financial tool) and ConnectWise Manage (a Professional Services Automation tool), BrightGauge allows you to integrate with both and view your invoicing data alongside your support ticket data in one dashboard. Or, in our case, we use four different tools and bring all of them together into BrightGauge.

Since we decided to implement BrightGauge, it’s helped to make us a much more productive and efficient company. Here are three specific ways in which that’s happened:

BrightGauge Saves Us Up to 40 Hours a Month 

With their Reporting feature, BrightGauge allows you to set up custom reports and then schedule them to go out on a recurring basis on the date and time you choose.

Prior to using BrightGauge, we manually generated reports every single day. We literally took data from our system, typed it into an Excel spreadsheet, massaged the data, converted it to a PDF, and then sent it out. We did this for every single report we ever created and it took a lot of time that could have been better spent servicing our clients.

With BrightGauge’s automated reports, we’ve calculated a time savings of eight to 10 hours per week. That’s up to 40 hours each month! If you’re keeping track, that’s an entire work week of time that we’re getting back. That time is extremely valuable to us.

Order Processing is Much More Streamlined

As a business owner — and many other owners can relate to this — I find that a lot of time and energy is spent processing orders and invoices. This makes sense because we want to make sure we’re on top of our accounting and that we’re generating the revenue we’ve worked so hard for.

Without a streamlined process, there’s room for human error and it’s possible that some important matters will end up falling through the cracks. BrightGauge has helped us with this.

Through BrightGauge:

  • We know exactly when invoices are paid or past due,
  • We always have a real-time view of our monthly recurring revenue, and
  • We know what our financial status is at any given point in time.

We find that errors are decreasing and we’re operating much more efficiently.

We’ve Established a Sense of Accountability Across Teams

We use BrightGauge's real-time dashboards to see how our sales team is performing month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter, and year-to-date. Having that visibility allows our sales managers to know how they’re tracking against key performance indicators, to see when they’re lagging and maybe even when extra resources are needed.

We’re also able to track our engineers and see who is billing, who isn’t billing, and how much time is being billed. This is essential when thinking about our headcount and whether we need to increase the amount of people on our service team.

There are two ways we use this visibility to motivate our teams and drive accountability: on our BrightGauge dashboards, we create dashboards for each of our salespeople to track and compare their performance in real time. Additionally, the engineering team is held accountable for documenting and submitting their hours on a daily and weekly basis. Everyone has visibility to these dashboards, so team members are held accountable for playing their part (or not) in our overall success.

There’s no doubt that BrightGauge has changed the way we work, but we also appreciate that their support team is incredibly responsive and helpful. We love working with partners that are as passionate as we are, and BrightGauge fits that description!

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