Why Compuquip is a Great Partner For Check Point


Customers that use Check Point security software can benefit immensely from partnering with Compuquip because of our Sales Team, our Service Delivery Team, and Compuquip’s long history and experience working with Check Point.

This resource is meant to be an internal one to help explain the benefits of working with our team.

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What Our Sales Team Can Deliver

Some of the key benefits of working with Compuquip’s sales team include:

Compuquip CheckPoint Dedication

Our Dedication. Check Point is the only firewall product that Compuquip sells—and has been for more than 15 years! The reason why is that it’s the best enterprise-level firewall.

Compuquip CheckPoint Experience

Our Experience. Compuquip sales team members, on average, have more than 12 years of experience working in the cybersecurity space. This helps us to understand the threats and business challenges our customers face so we can better serve their needs.

Compuquip CheckPoint Back Office

Our Back Office. We handle all aspects of the back office—everything from quote creation to order processing. This helps to reduce the time and effort expended by the local Check Point sales team.

Compuquip CheckPoint Proven Track Record

Our Proven Track Record. We have an established track record in driving growth in Florida and we are ready to replicate these results in new geographical areas.

Compuquip CheckPoint Business Development

Our Business Development Team. We have a dedicated business development team that partners with the local Check Point sales team to help deliver results.

How Our Service Delivery Team Can Help

Some of the benefits that Compuquip’s service delivery team offers include:

Extensive Security Experience. Our service delivery team is led by a Director of Services and CISO with extensive experience in managing cybersecurity challenges for enterprise businesses. This experience helps the service delivery team provide strong security services to customers.

Deep Bench of Experts. Compuquip has more than 10 Check Point-certified engineers to address all of a customer’s Check Point security software needs. This means that Compuquip always has someone on hand to help whether it be for technical pre-sales scoping or handling an implementation.

Smooth Transition from Proposal to Implementation. Because of our experience and the number of Check Point software-certified engineers on the team, we can ensure that as soon as the proposal is signed, we can smoothly transition our customers to full-on implementation.

Proven Service Delivery Record. For more than 15 years, we have been helping customers with all of their Check Point product solutions. This means we have the experience and know-how to handle almost any issue that a customer may have with implementing Check Point’s security software.


The Check Point Experience with Compuquip Cybersecurity

Compuquip has won several awards from Check Point, including Partner of the Year 2013 and Net New Partner of the Year 2018. We earned these distinctions from Check Point because of our expertise and dedication to providing the best possible experience with Check Point’s security solutions to our customers. Thank you for reading this resource! I hope it helps you when you work with our customers who are Check Point software users.

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